24 February 2005

Moonbats and Radical Snarks Beware

The unquestioningly brilliant, not to mention prolific David Horowitz is stoking up the fires in the forge of truth known as the blogosphere. Horowitz was raised in a household where his parents were part of the communist underground in the 1930's thru the 1950's. During the 1960's he was editor of the so-called "New Left" magazine Ramparts.

By the 1970's he had become acutely aware of the seedy underside of the political left, and defected from the movement to become probably it's most caustic and effective critic. His unique perspective, wrought of having escaped the slimy grasp of the political left is invaluable. He has launched a new website, Discover the Network and is heading up a staff of very good bloggers at Moonbat Central, with David acting as Editor-In-Chief. This should be good, very good. Hat tip to my Memphis Bloggin' buddy Joefish for the heads up.

I have really enjoyed some of Davids books particularly Radical Son, and Unholy Alliance . David has been active in many causes and founded Frontpage.com an online magazine. Now he is putting the heat to the leftists with Moonbat Central. They are already off to a good start. You can tell by whom they are angering.

I also find this post by Plauts Complaint to be invaluable. It has some very keen definitions that MSM types may be unfamiliar with. Below are but a few samples. Read the whole thing.

2. Liberal:Before 1960, someone who believes in individual freedom, economic freedom, and opposes discrimination.Since 1970, someone who opposes individual freedom, opposes economic freedom, and supports discrimination.

5. Socialist:A. Someone who refuses to study economics.
B. Someone practicing recreational compassion.

31. Freedom of speech: something PC leftists want promoted through censorship and speech codes.

I like this whole business of redefining the language, and have been doing my part to contribute to the cause at the Urban Dictionary. See some of my definitions below.




Keep watching Moonbat Central, this should be a lot of fun. Being led by someone with Horowtz's passion, drive, and unique perspective is a recipe for success the expense of the left. -SpinDaddy