01 February 2005

See Howie Run, Run Howie Run

Former VT governor Howard Dean is running hard for the Chairmanship of the Democratic party. Good. His Chairmanship may be the best thing for the party in the long run, as it may cause the real party to emerge.

This may not be the best thing for the party electorally; mind you, as the real values of that party are seriously out of the American mainstream. This precludes them from winning any elections of course, but at least they could once again become a party that at least stands for something, even if it is such weighty issues as gay marriage, recycling, animal rights, and bowing and scraping at the feet of whichever corrupt bureaucrat happens to be warming the bosses chair at the UN at the time; but hey it's an agenda right? Right now it looks as if their agenda is refusing to acknowledge W's right to exist, and whining about every success he has. As was demonstrated last November, in a rather resounding fashion, this is not a winning plan.

A Dean Chairmanship might allow them to shake out these vacuous seat warmers like say, the two senatorial seat warmers from the great commonwealth of MA. Like the Senate and House minority leaders, they are only interested in the democratic party as a vehicle, a shell corporation if you will, by which they gain and maintain the ultimate bureaucratic position. They are like tenured university professors, only with slightly better benefit packages. They don't actually have to produce anything more demanding than the occasional soundbite to roust the rabble into sending in checks, so that they might keep their comfy positions. That is even easier than being a tenured university professor, the holy grail on the bureaucratic food-chain. They step in front of the cameras to complain about W, democratic drones send in checks to see them do it again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. It is an unhealthy cycle.

Really, Nancy Pelosi and the like should stop complaining so shrilly. They have achieved every bureaucrats fanatsy. Easy, easy "work", unaccountability, a n d a great benefits package. What's not to like. Sounds to me like they owe Newt, and W, and Karl Rove a debt of gratitude. Howard Dean as party chair might upset their cushy deal.

It also will be interesting to see how all this plays out over at Camp Hillary.

Esoterically.net has a slightly different take on this. Also hat tip to Deacon at the Powerline Blog .

Update 04FEB05 0805hrs: Will Collier over at Vodkapundit has a heads up about an LA times piece that shreds the impending Dean reign at the DNC; definitely good for a laugh. Like I expect the DNC will be for the extent of Deans tenure, should it come to pass.

" . . . So, how did Dean manage to trounce all comers for this position? Dean's supporters see his triumph as the victory of the masses over a tiny Democratic elite desperately trying to cling to power. As one left-liberal blogger gloated: "The fact that Howard Dean will most likely be heading up the Democratic Party is our victory. It is the voice of the grass roots lifted up into the halls of power once owned by the 'aristocracy of consultants.' " That actually has it backward. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that only 27% of Democrats approve of Dean . . . "

Hee-hee, this should be fun to watch. Like when we were kids and knew where a particularly bad intersction was, we were out there early on the days when it would snow, waiting for those with more speed than sense.


Update 05FEB05 1709hrs: Vodkapundit added this link to this article in TNR. It is a very informative piece for anyone who has never sat through a college level PoliSci class on the workings of the democratic party. James Carvilles comments are especially telling. To wit :

". . .To many Washington Democrats watching the circus-like contest from afar, it has been an embarrassment. "I think it's pathetic," says James Carville. "It's so indicative of the Democratic Party. Now we're just playing into every stereotype: We're weak, disorganized, flopping around. ... Somebody should have fixed this damn thing in November. I wish someone would have taken charge and three or four people would have gotten together in a smoke-filled room. ... They're not running for president! They are running for party chair. This is supposed to be a rigged deal. You think the Republicans would do it this way?. . ."

To answer serpent heads rhetorical question. No; but we sure are having fun watching y'all do it this way. LOL -SpinDaddy