22 March 2005


Michael Barone has an excellent op-ed piece at RealClear Politics describing the rise of an important political demographic. Around the mountains of Appalachia here they are also referred to as trust-a-farians, a reference to their preferences in hair style and affinity for the consumption of marijuana. The species is commonly found in the allegedly hip enclaves of Asheville, around Boone and Banner Elk NC the latter because of access to skiing and the "AT"

Invariably they are spotted by the cars they drive; predominantly VW, SAAB, Porsche Cayenne,Volvo wagons, Land Rover, and to a lesser extent the Subaru wagon. The latter often an indication of poor standing with the controller of the trust.

Making the vehicles easier still to spot, is the adornment of platitude ridden-left-wing-enviro-centric bumper stickers. Often these vehicles sport Florida plates and the drivers sport New York accents. The locals are still scratching their heads wondering how this happened to them, as now the trust-a-farians are pricing them out of the local real estate market. -SpinDaddy