16 March 2005

Three Opportunities

Judiciary - Academic - Energy and Environment.

I have Blogged on the first two previously. We should no longer allow the leftists and socialist wannabes in this country and their sycophants in the democratic party to continue subjecting the citizens of this country to the nonsensical bleatings that pass for their political agenda. So just a quick update on those opinions for any new readers out there, then the Energy and Environment rant.


First opportunity. The time has long since past to "go constitutional" on the democrats in Congress, and take back the Federal Judiciary. We liberated Iraq from the tyrannical thuggery of Saddam Hussein. Now is the time to liberate the US from, the tyrannical judicial thuggery, of those who insist on ramming their socialist PC agenda down our throat. Their silly moonbat ideas will not pass any kind of electoral muster, so activist judges "legislate" from the bench by fiat and decree. We should tolerate this no longer. That we continue to tolerate this places our national security and indeed the very fabric of our society at risk.

Perhaps a good place to begin asserting our sovereign authority would be to insist that congress dissolve the ninth circuit and start over, or replace it with two different circuits, splitting their geographic jurisdiction. Imposing a mandatory retirement on the fools that currently occupy that farce and paying them as though they were still sitting, would be a bargain compared to continuing to suffer their foolishness.


Next opportunity, the academy. I don't have to detail the magnitude of the failings of our educational institutions. That has been done ad nauseum. Generally, in the K-12 systems this is confined to public schools. Everybody tends to cite the Washington DC school system because it is such an inviting target. I have seen figures in the $12,000-$15,000 range as the per pupil cost yet they continue to fail to produce the desired result, and as a defense, point out that at least they aren't Mississippi. I have suggested before that perhaps it is time, as taxpayers, to create the-mother-of-all-consumer-class-action-lawsuits and sue the Federal dept of education, individual schoolboards, state depts of education etc. until they start getting it right.

At the college level it is hard to imagine a better institutional arrangement for leftist PC indoctrination than our nations college systems. Stalin could only have dreamed for such a successful structure. Now is the time to begin a full scale rout of the liberal academic establishment, and you can start here.

Energy and Environment

Third opportunity. We have cowered before the environmental-anti-capitalism cabal far too long. We have the cleanest environment vs the scale of industrial/economic activity on this planet, yet we are constantly harangued by environmentalist moonbats for "killing the planet".


This is pure foolishness. The internal combustion engine in automobiles, long the bane of environmental moonbats everywhere (except those found in the following makes: VW, SAAB, Subaru,Volvo...which the left regard as acceptable) has made improvements in efficiency that are so huge as to be almost immeasurable. When one compares the first IC engines of the 1800's to todays modern powerplants the improvements are staggering. Today Honda makes SULEV engines so clean that driving them in the Los Angeles basin actually cleans the air. Yet we are constantly told that driving a car is killing the planet. We can produce plenty of oil, our biggest issues are refinery capacity, and a too complex a regime for imposing different clean air fuel blends in too many different markets. Conservatives must stand up to environmentalists and insist that, new refineries be built so as to lessen cyclical fuel price shocks to the economy. This lack of refinery capacity is a hidden tax on everyone that serves the American public very poorly.

Of course, you know who is adamantly opposed to building new refineries. This despite the fact that newer technologies available today would make them cleaner and more efficient. This from a group that still clings to a failed ponzi scheme from a socialist administration of the 1930's for a retirement program.

It looks as though we are off to a good start with the senate finally approving drilling in ANWAR today , but there is much, much more to be done. It is also time to seriously re-examine nuclear power, and coal. The environmentalist moonbats may scream bloody murder, but that's too bad. If nuclear power and coal can offset using petroleum for electricity production thus freeing it for use as fuel, the less dependent we will be on foreign energy souces. The most desirable component of the regime I describe, is enhanced stability in energy markets and sources, and less vulnerability to the whims of whatever crackpots happen to be running energy producing countries.

It is time for conservatives to begin governing as if they are the majority, because they are. -SpinDaddy