09 March 2005

Rathers Riddance

As they say in Texas Dan; "don't-let-the-screen-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out". This narcissistic fool has been tolerated by the management and stockholders at CBS for far too long and his leaving the anchor chair is long overdue. Fortunately for us he will stay on at the show 60 minutes II. This is good for us pundit-wannabes on the political right, as Dan is such a choice target for our harangues. He really is a gift to those of us who want to illustrate the folly of the political left in this country. He makes that job all too easy, by just showing up for work everyday.

Some day, after he steps in it again on 60 minutes II he may finally be put out to pasture. So then what? You're an arrogant, narcissistic, blowhard; steeped in the habit of watching your own image reflected back from the pond. What next?

Dan could seek to right injustices; no wait, OJ is already looking for Nicole's real killers.

He could seek spiritual redemption and meaning. No. Bill Clinton is already holding prayer sessions with the reverend Jesse Jackson.

He could care for unfortunate sick children. No. Michael Jackson is currently on trial for that.

Get to the bottom of the bothersome, pesky memo-gate thing. Nnnaahh.

Hmmm. Lets see. Narcissistic, fond of staring at your own image in the pond.

Wait, I know! Hair care! Yes, that's it. The one thing he has a sure command of is hairspray.

Yes, yes this is all coming together nicely. Dangerous Dan, John Heinz-Kerry, and Johnny "Hairboy" Edwards can form a fearsome, democratic cabal of guys with great hair!!

Seriously though, I have seen alot of the MSM coverage of Disingenuous Dans downfall and departure, and unless you are watching FNC, the word "blogger" is never, ever mentioned. Instead, the writers and producers of MSM news shows have given us PC name: "conservative-critics". MSNBC and CNN are especially good at "reporting" the immaculate downfall without ever mentioning the dreaded B-word. Dan was undone by "conservative-critics". Right.

Rather has had "conservative-critics" since at least the sixties and seventies, why is it that they were only recently able to prevail in this case? The hard truth many in the MSM lack the courage to face is that this new alternative medium, has decisively taken out one of their own (well, two with Eason Jordan) and now they think they can ignore the monster back into the cultural swamp of "fly-over-land".

Wishful thinking.

Guys and gals just like me and Voice, Matt Rosenberg, Memphis Joefish, Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Reynolds, Nykola, Will Collier and thousands, and thousands more all over the country are watching, and we will not tolerate the silliness that has passed for journalism in recent decades.

That is over.

I have said it again and again, the MSM ignores the blogosphere at their own peril. -SpinDaddy