14 March 2005

Refining Definition of the Blogosphere Continues

Dick Rogers of the SF Chronicle has a very good op-ed piece ruminating on the blogosphere. Hat tip to Real Clear Politics. Rogers observes accurately that not all blogs are serious blogs. Fair point; of the estimated 8 million or so that are out there, way too many deal with the obscure and inane.

That should not serve to diminish the credibility or seriousness with which say, a Powerline or Sound Politics should be taken. I can point out any number of print vehicles, radio or "Television News" that do not desrve to be taken the slightest bit seriously. You probably could name a few of your own.

The blogosphere is not going away, wishing it so will not make it come to pass. As I and others have posted before, the MSM would be better off to engage the blogosphere in some fashion. -SpinDaddy