23 April 2005

Blogosphere in the Businessplace

Blogosphere momentum continues to build. Business Week has a fantastic piece advising corporations to get their business into the blog business. Good advice that most corporations would do well to follow. If you are interested in corporate or business blogging it is a must read piece. Economics 101 lesson: Anytime 9 million people affirmatively express interest in an activity, there is strong economic opportunity present.

Hard to believe that point needs to be made but...

Corporate blogging is coming. In say, no more than five years down the road, corporate blogs will certainly be ubiquitous; if not the main interface customers have with many businesses rather than the website customer interaction platform we know today. Heck, at some point, a companies blog may enable customers to talk to a real human being (via computer to be sure) thus avoiding that banal curse to humanity: the automated phone call answering robot. The writers of the Business week piece, Stephen Baker and Heather Green have of course started a blog.

Welcome in guys, where have you been?

Of course, our good friend and Seattle blogger extraordinaire, Matt Rosenberg has been all over this for some time now with his BlogConsultingPro.com blog about; you guessed it, professional, and business blogging. Matts' site is a very good resource for those interested in watching the blogospheres incorporation into the business and corporate world in a large and increasingly institutional way. -SpinDaddy