22 April 2005

Ethics de Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is perhaps best known for her "prebuttal" speech that she gave along with Harry "filibuster-'em-'til-they-drop" Reid. Pelosi is also well known amongst C-SPAN watchers who have a fetish for hearing fingernails screeching on a chalkboard, as watching her speak is as close as you can get to the real thing. It seems an ethics scandal is developing surrounding a trip to Puerto Rico she took with fellow democrats.

Kudos to NC freshman representative Patrick McHenry for bringing focus and perspective to the glaring inconsistency between her demands for a full ethics investigation in Tom Delays case; meanwhile our Nancy girl who was on a trip with fellow democrat Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio who submitted documents to the House clerks office stating that indeed a lobbyist paid for her trip. We are supposed to believe Nancy when she tells us they didn't pay for her trip. She was on the same plane, stayed in the same hotel ...


"...The questions also come after months of claims against Majority Leader Tom DeLay, accused of accepting a trip paid for by a lobbyist. Mr DeLay and the nonprofit group he listed as the trip's sponsor insist the lobbyist did not pay the bill.

Mrs. Pelosi has called for a full investigation into that matter, which is an inconsistency, say Mr. McHenry and Mr. Westmoreland...'If you are serious that the mere allegation that a lobbyist paid for member travel warrants a full ethics investigation, it would seem that a member actually disclosing it as fact would more than merit it,' the Republicans wrote..."

Pelosi is either stupid, or lying. She should release the documents in an expeditious fashion so we can determine which one it is. Or better yet, perhaps McHenry is right here, a full on investigation is warranted.

Read the whole article by Charles Hurt in the WashTimes. Light blogging still, getting ready for move. See previous posts. -SpinDaddy