27 April 2005

Three Good Ideas

Good Idea number 1

Last night while watching FNC, I saw the first two of todays three good ideas. The first is a fantastic cause that helps our troops do good will for children in Iraq. Gary Sinise and Laura Hillenbrand of movie fame and the author of Seabiscuit respectively, along with many others have an organization set up for the purpose of distributing school supplies to children there. The name of their organization is Operation Iraqi Children, and you can go to their website by clicking here. Their website is celebrating their first anniversary. If you feel so moved you might contribute, donate, or just copy and paste this post or the permalink and send it on to a few others.

Good Idea number2

Appearing on the segment with Gary Sinise last night was one very talented and bright seventeen year old young lady named Shauna Fleming who has had great success with an organized letter writing campaign to offer support to our troops past and present, here and abroad. The name of her organization is A Million Thanks, and you can go to that site by clicking here.

On a lighter note, the site also has an interesting link about Starbucks, and their efforts to support our troops.

Good Idea number3

Last but certainly not least is the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, and you can reach their website by clicking here . This is a a fantastic charity organization that was founded in 1995 by a group of former Marines and Law Enforcement personnel to assist the children of these fallen heroes with educational and other needs. The foundation uses 100% of donations recieved to help these children, something few other charities can claim, and as such they " have distributed aid with a value of more than $23,000,000.00 to eligible children."

These are my Three Good Ideas for today. I didn't think of any of them, but I am using this forum to humbly submit these for your consideration. If you agree that these are good ideas give or spread the word.