28 April 2005

Heads Up ! !

A good heads up call for all activists in TN to be on the lookout for a possible return to politics by one of Tennessees most ardent and determined INCOME TAX SUPPORTERS, Bob Rochelle. The excellent blog South End Grounds has a post here.

Also, disturbing news from Nashville, political strong-arm tactics to squelch the minority in the Tennessee General Assembly. TeamGOP blog has the story at their link. It was these kind of tactics at the hands of Speaker Wright, and later Foley, that brought the US congressional Republicans to national political power in 1994. Now the dems on the national stage are starting to fight back, and lately are starting to get a little taste of blood in their mouth.

I doubt that the Tennessee House speaker can be de-Foley-ated as the former US House speaker was by Nethercutt in Washington state, but he might well find himself the minority leader if conservative momentum continues to build in the Volunteer state.

Light blogging this morning, still packing aaarrggh -SpinDaddy