29 April 2005

Naifeh on the Run and ...

Conservatives in the Tennessee House are beginning to get to Democratic House Speaker Naifeh. HT to TeamGOP. Click here to go to Camp4U blog by TN state representative Stacey Campfield.

In national politics President Bush's press conference last night was a solid performance, of course the howling moonbats still do not get it. The common sense points the President made regarding the fact that gas costs $2.20, because a comprehensive energy policy wasn't enatcted decades ago, and that shirkers on both sides of the aisle in congress refuse to do the heavy lifting of Social Security reform will be largely ignored by the MSM and dem talking heads. They still do not get it, and they don't want to get it.

Also on the national front there is a major storm brewing over confirmation of the Presidents judicial nominees. It is waayyyy past time for the Republicans to act and govern like the winners they are, at this point anything less risks eroding their base. Charles Hurt has a good piece this topic in the WashTimes. It is now time to play rough with democrat obstructionists, they have been warned long enough, now act. Let them shut the Senate down as they have threatened. This will only focus more clearly their obstructionist ways. Then the American voters can deal with them in '06.

Will be down again this weekend for moving, probably back up next Wednesday. - SpinDaddy