01 September 2005

Good Ideas

Meanwhile outside New Orleans

It seems SpinDaddy had a good idea in this post that suggests suspending the inane requirements of mixing different blends of "boutique" fuel for different markets, thus complicating gasoline manufacture. It is a luxury we cannot afford at this time nor probably for the next few years or so, see post for more details.

"...The Bush administration yesterday said it would tap into the emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve and eased some fuel-emissions standards to try to avert a further spike in the price of gasoline..."

Three More Good Ideas

1.How about suspending all Fuel taxes state and Federal for at least ninety days.

2.Divert the ridiculous Federal highway bill to Katrina relief.

3.Bring Home our troops from Germany and Korea to help secure NewOrleans as well as our US /Mexico border. Illegal invaders expecting handouts are not welcome at this time, we have more pressing needs right now.