28 September 2005

Hillary in 08??

Fred Barnes is worried about just such a frightening prospect. In his op-ed at The Weekly Standard he makes some good points about a potentially weak field for Republicans in 2008. He makes the astute observation that there is a great deal of residual support and organization from the 2000 and 2004 elections. Read the whole thing.

"...Democrats, despite their drift to the left and persistent shrillness, barely trail Republicans at all in voter appeal. Besides, they may sober up ideologically in 2008. And the media, unless John McCain is the Republican nominee, will be more pro-Democratic than ever..."

Another point of concern that Barnes does not mention, is Republican weakness and their poor fiscal performance on such boondoggles as the medicare drug prescription, the recent highway bill monstrosity, and now we're looking at throwing money borrowed from China by the shipload at hurricane relief. The ebb in support that President Bush is seeing now, I remain convinced, is due to his base (and the congressional GOPs base) walking away in disgust as they spend money like drunken sailors in port on liberty.

If Republicans wish to retain the majority they must not conduct themselves as democrats. They will get tossed over the side when their base walks away from them for doing so. Niccolo Machiavelli said that it is easier to please the many, than the few. The many simply wish not to be oppressed. The demands of the few are impossible to meet, and never ending. -SpinDadddy