15 September 2005


Another reason why China is to be watched and watched closely. In this op-ed in the International Herald Tribune, the authors Dudley L. Poston, and Peter A. Morrison point to the significant distortion in Chinas demographics, brought about about by Chinas policies and cultural preferences. In the next ten to twenty years China will have a disproprtianate numbers of males and not enough women for them to marry.

This combined with Chinas astounding military buildup, fueled by American companies pouring money by the shipload into China for manufatuctured goods are troubling signs. - SpinDaddy

Update 16SEP05 1220hrs: More excellent China reading here...and don't miss this good read here. This site has very good research although I am still not buying the peak oil conclusions they draw; very thorough analysis here, you can download the PDF. -Spin