22 September 2005

Un-Able Danger !!

The frustration with the Able Danger story continues. The MSM can't seem to be bothered with it, other than the passing along the occasional news release from AP. Apparently some 2.5 terabytes of related information was destroyed at the Pentagon. It is important to remember that Mohamed Atta was identified by the Able Danger unit as a terrorist on US soil in 1999-2000, the last two years of the Hillary and Bill Clintons regime.

The members of the unit were then told basically to stand down, by members of the Clinton-Reno justice dept. pursuant to a memo written by clintonista Jamie Gorelick.

BTW, why was she a member of the 11SEP01 commission, instead of a sworn depone?

Something stinks mightily here. The New American has a good op-ed here on the topic. They point out, rightly so, that it seems Washington establishment types, the politically androgenous bureaucratic staff types that float from administration are running their own agenda; unaccountable to the citizenry or the elected administration they supposedly answer to.

I am especially disappointed with Fox News, whom I value way more than the other MSM outlets. They pursued the UN Oil-For-Food story very vigorously when the so called "Big3" wouldn't touch it. They have had some stories on it, but not the way they pursued the hacks at the UN over Oil-For-Food.

What gives here? Are they being cowed by hacks at DoD who are threatening to withhold prominent guests from Steve Doocy and his fill-in-weather-guy schtick?

The WashTimes had a good op-ed 20SEP05 encouraging transparency and vigor in the search for the truth here.

The Pentagon squashes a CONGRESSIONAL hearing and the MSM snores away. By issuing a gag order preventing testimony at the hearings yesterday the Pentagon just heightened the appearance of scandal.

When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 the press swarmed like ants at a picnic. I can understand the MSMs reluctance to take up a story that might paint Clinton and Berger (what was he stuffing down his pants at the national archives anyway?) in a bad light, but the implications here are too important to ignore, regardless of which administration gets tarred. Perhaps that's the angle the MSM (a.k.a. the BlameBush society) haven't found. A way to use the Able Danger story to BlameBush. Rest assured, if the MSM discovers a BlameBush linkage, the Able Danger story will take off like a California wild fire stoked by the Santa Anas.

Regardless of who gets smeared; Bush or Clinton, we need a thorough and transparent examination of this. Now. Perhaps the terrorists are only incidental bad guys. The real bad guys are the unaccountable hacks and bureaucrats rotting away the body politic from deep within the bowels of our government. -SpinDaddy