09 November 2005

Je Ne Parlais Pas francais


To whom will france surrender?

Perhaps france should call the UN for help?

At the very least, they should lodge a strongly worded objection.

It isn't really all that funny. Please note that I have stopped capitalizing the proper name of a country; well, a so-called country anyway. When they grow a backbone, I will consider capitalizing their name again, but after a fortnight of standing by while their country is burned to the ground by vandals and radicals I am convinced they don't have enough respect for their own country to warrant this, so.

I am deeply concerned that should we be unable to quell the advances the left continues to make in this country, that we will find france as the model of our very own future. Hear me out here. This is the current situation as I see it.

france has been crippled by socialism. Socialism implemented through bureaucracy and extreme overregulation, which have the exact same effect as denying ones property rights and sovereignty. Throw in a wide open immigration policy with lax enforcement, and you have a recipe for disaster. Is this starting to sound familiar yet? Who crippled the body politic of france by means of bureacracy and overregulation?

The left.

In other words to simplify the process a little for puposes of explanation it goes like this: the left weakens a country internally through the usual means of bureaucracy, moral depravity, and other rot; then the country weakened sufficiently, will fall. Whether pushed from the outside or inside does not matter, the left has softened them up for the kill.

Meanwhile Johnny-NASCAR-dad, and Suzie-soccer-mom plug along in a daze thinking (but only occasionally) that the cold war is over and that we won.

No. We tore down a wall in Germany but that was not; and is not the extent of the the corrosive influence of the left who now masquarade as "environmentalists", "progressives", "anti-globalists" and their goal of socialism is now disguised with the latest euphimism "social-justice". Social Justice inevitably involves some scheme to redistribute wealth.


We are witnessing the fall of france. It's not just me saying this, Tony Blankley has a great op-ed piece at Real Clear Politics, saying pretty much the same thing. Any day now, the surrender monkeys will either surrender to the radicals and vandals or somebody might actually send in the french military (such as it is), and put this thing down.

This will, of course, horrify the french leftists who will act promptly to apologize for offending the radicals and vandals, and will then immediately act to remedy the wrongs perpetrated by the french military by apologizing, and giving the radicals and vandals anything they wish. Some proposals being discussed are giving the radicals and vandals voting rights!!

Yeah, that ought to help.

It will help france become a nuclear armed islamic power. Who needs Iran when you can roll france over so easily? Regardless of how france gets there the end result will be the same. A once major european power having slid one step closer down the slippery slope towards "Eurabia", as Mark Steyn writes about in this excellent op-ed. -SpinDaddy