11 November 2005

Jordanian Payback

In the wake of the horrific bombing in Amman, the Jordanians are rightfully torqued off. Jordanian police have arrested 120 suspects in an attempt find all those involved. The Jordanians should get to the business of payback as only middle-easterners can do.

Having suffered this attack on their state, they should immediately declare and prosecute a war on the group claiming responsibilty; al qaeda in Iraq. The Iraqi and Coalition troops in Iraq, should stand aside and let the Jordanian army get after them; mid-eastern style.

Even better, the Iraqi and Coalition troops could not only, not interfere, but they could actually help root these bastards out and kill them. We could even arrange a twenty-first century version of the Lend-Lease act wherein we assisted the British with arms and materiel prior to WWII. Under this twenty-first century version, we could supply the Jordanians with a "plug and play" type of military might that they are probably unable to muster on their own.

The Jordanian people, a strong regional ally, have suffered butchery at the hands of fascists.

Time for some payback. -SpinDaddy