22 January 2010

Political Aftershocks From MA Continue

Scott Brown

Well the good news just keeps pouring in. NoClue Nancy admits she doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate version of Healthcare.


She very likely could not get the House version passed again in the wake of Tuesdays massive political earthquake, she barely managed to wrangle 218 last time. The Senate version is a non-starter. Maobama-care as we have known it to this point is done. This is because Democrats in both houses have likely seen their own internal polling and know that their will be more aftershocks come November.

That's right leftist, we are just getting started.

And, as Peggy Noonan rightly points out in the WSJ, now we will see if Sen Brown can govern. Even liberals are piling on as Mort Zuckerman in US News and World Report cites maobamas ubiquity in the media leading to a case of severe maobama fatigue. "... He—and his advisers—have failed to appreciate that national TV speeches are best reserved for those moments when the country faces a major crisis or a war. Now he faces the iron law of diminishing novelty...". Well that and a heaping helping of hubris and narcissism.

Free Speech

Meanwhile the SCOTUS gave another gut punch to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Barney Franks, John McCain, Henry Waxman and their komrades in opening free speech in election spending in a ruling that guts McCain-Feingold as well as other restrictions on political speech. The NYT is very alarmed. Good.

High time.

Politics needs more speech not less, more speech will make it difficult for incumbents to flail along warming the same seat for decades (Kerry-Byrd-etc) , blissfully ignorant of or (more likely) disdainful and contemptuous of the governed which certainly includes corporations.

This may actually throw a wrench into the special interest cycle of corruption that is pervasive in the nations capital by giving the money somewhere else to flow rather than into re-election coffers of entrenched incumbents. Of course maobama, Schumer, Franks, etc are throwing a hissy fit and promising hearings and strong legislative responses.

Go for it, this will only serve to demonstrate in the clearest fashion imaginable your disdain for those who have foolishly entrusted the republic to you, inviting more backlash along the lines of Tuesdays astounding defeat in MA.