19 January 2010

Stunning Defeat for Democrat-Progressive-Socialist-Wannabes

A brutal, stunning defeat for Democrats in the MA special election to FILL THE US SENATE SEAT VACATED BY
T E D-socialized-healthcare-K E N N E D Y!!
In what could be inarguably be called a proxy vote on nationalized healthcare; an issue that Kennedy warbled and carped about for literally D E C A D E S.

In the very same commonwealth where the shot that was heard round the world was fired, the shot that began the American Revolution to throw off tyranny. Tonight another shot heard round the "progressive" world was fired tonight by the patriots of the good commonwealth of MA. Another American revolution has been started; and this revolution will also be about throwing off tyranny.

Komrade Koakley was just another socialist-wannabe cog in the machine of progressivism, lacking the courage to truly state her true political goals and philososphy. Democrats are setting themselves up for a severe loss in this falls midterm congressional elections. That such a defeat could happen to democrats in the bluest of blue states bodes ill for Democrats writ large this fall.

This cannot be overstated.

If this can happen to Democrats in MA it can happen anywhere. It will be interesting to see if there are any grown-ups left in the Democratic party apparatus to reign these fools in. Thus far, I have seen no evidence of this.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great take on this in National Review Online wherein he ties Obama's messiah complex to Elmer Gantry "...Devotees turn on false prophets with a special vengeance. Obama is beginning to grate. His flip-the-switch-on, evangelical cadences at rallies sound more like a Harvard nerd doing blues imitations than Martin Luther King Jr..."


Further, Hanson points out that "... Purple-state presidents don’t appoint Van Joneses and Anita Dunns, or turn the NEA into a quid pro quo Ministry of Approved Culture. A healer doesn’t start in on the “rich,” “Wall Street,” the “big” oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies, or “fat-cat bankers” — especially when he has done his best to shake them all down for campaign money, hire as many of them as he can in his own administration, and arrange cut-rate loans, insider deals, bailouts, and guarantees for all of them..." The Democrats corrupt conduct for the last year is catching up to them.

Early sound bites from Democrats indicate that either they truly don't get it; or (more likely) they are hellbent on ramming the healthcare disaster down our throats. Ok.

Some Democrat talking heads are claiming they think this happened because the Democrats have not passed maobama-care yet.


Yeah that's probably it, and be sure to keep sending chairman maobama into these districts to make personal appearances, that seems to be working out real well for you guys.

Voice shot me a quick communique last night pointing out that all that would have to happen is for 1 or 2 rogue RINO's to cross the aisle and Pelosi-Reid-Maobama can get their win. Voice makes an excellent point. This might serve to motivate the lefts base, we are not out of the woods on this yet.

Although one of my favorite op-ed writers Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard proclaims in rather pat terms that maobama-care is DOA. "...The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection. Brown ran to be the 41st vote for filibuster and now he is just that. Democrats have talked up clever strategies to pass the bill in the Senate despite Brown, but they won’t fly. It’s one thing for ObamaCare to be rejected by the American public in poll after poll. But it becomes a matter of considerably greater political magnitude when ObamaCare causes the loss of a Senate race in the blue state of Massachusetts..." I hope he's right.

The process to get this healthcare debacle as far as it has gotten in both houses, has been tainted and tortured, and what support it did have was tenuous and very fragile, their will surely be significant erosion.

Now we'll have to see just how out of touch Pelosi and Reid are now. Reid is likely facing the same fate as Komrade Koakley, in his home state of Nevada, this is going to be funny to watch.


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