15 February 2010

Tyranny of Bureaucracy

Excellent read at the StarTtribune, that echoes a theme I have been on for years. A tyranny of bureaucracy that threatens to strangle the republic. Fat cat gov't employees with cushy make work jobs who; because of their union, are absolutely untouchable, and unaccountable to any normal job performance standards.

The article compares the gov't employee meltdown problem in Greece and compares it to the US, and several states notably California, which also is currently under the fiscal death grip of gov't employees unions.

Nothing but the best for our civil servants right? Retirement at age 50? $100k in pension payments/ yr , really? Gold plated healthcare plan? Nothing but but the best for you bureaucrat. You deserve it! Why, all that paper pushing, napping, complaining. Hey, I get it. To paraprhase Dolly Parton; it takes lots of work to act that surly.

I am posting from mobile svc this morning , and will revise this post later, meanwhile this is a must read.