27 January 2010

A Pickup Truck Load of Snotty Sarcasm

To read this opinion piece at the NYT; one might conclude that the ever bitter Maureen Dowd has a crush on MA Sen Elect Scott Brown. See, I can be too sarcastic by half also. All while driving at the truth obliquely. Just watch this.

Here, hold my beer.

Mo-Dowdy serves up a pickup truck full of sarcasm, demonstrating once again that she is probably wayyy too nasty, and cynical to be able to actually keep a man around for very long. The giveaway is that she mentions Scott Browns pickup truck in the piece. This is a dead giveaway of her elitist contempt. Most elitists cannot resist a pickup truck. They are drawn to them like a cat to catnip. Like a bureaucrat to a nap. Like a welfare cheat to guvmnt cheese.

An elitist sees a pickup truck and begins doing a Pavlovian Spit Dance in their mind (resembles the pee-pee dance, only it is of the mind) and usually find themselves unable resist the opportunity to show off their self-imagined superiority to anyone within earshot. They think to themselves.

"Why, look at that rube"


"Where did you leave your hooded sheet?"

Really though; I think she has a crush on MA Sen. Elec Brown (say, that has a nice ring to it, don't it lefty?). She's too glib to admit that; so she pulls hair, just like she did when she was in the third grade.

By the way Mo-Dowdy, if you really want to get all worked up, you should see SpinDaddys truck sometime.

I know. I know. Try to remain calm. Too funny.