08 February 2010

Rachel Maddow is Keith Olberman in Drag

MSNBC socialist hack Rachel Maddow just grossly distorted Tom Tancredos call for a CIVIC Literacy test during his keynote speech at the Tea Party convention in Nashville, TN this past weekend. This distortion was perpetrated by omitting the word C I V I C. Instead Maddow refers to the speech by claiming Tancredo called for a literacy test; with N O mention of the word civic. I am Posting this from mobile device and am unable to grab the video but any resourceful BumperStickerPolitix reader can go to the MSNBC website and download the show.

While it is unlikely such a policy would, or politically ever could be implemented, I for one support the idea. With a civics literacy test a requirement, the morons you see in Jay Leno's man in the street interviews with people who can not tell you the number of states in this country; or what war Lincoln presided over, or for that matter how to correctly pronounce the phrase "Navy corpsman" would not be allowed to vote.

In fact, I will go Tom Tancredo one better; if you have been on any type of government assistance for more than 30 days and are still on any type of public assistance, you would be barred from voting. This does not involve race; it involves good sense, and would discourage people from voting in representatives whose only policy goal is wealth redistribution for the purposes of ensuring their own re-election.

This is one of the reasons why our country is a REPUBLIC and N O T a democracy. In a democracy these morons always, always wind up voting in wealth re-distribution in which they are the beneficiaries.

Maddow is well enough informed to understand the distinction created when she omits the word, and instead deliberately and with malicious intent tries to stir the racism pot by claiming Tancredos policy proposal is like the literacy tests of the Jim Crow era. Shameful.


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