21 November 2004

Klintons Legacy

I just saw Robert Reich on FOX News Sunday....he cleared up something that I had wondered about. That is; why Klinton was such an utter failure, and an embarassment as a President. Reich basically blamed Klintons poor perfomance on UBL, Saddam, Pyong Yang etc. In other words, as Reich said, if only Klinton had had a war then he would been able to would showcase his fine leadership abilities. It was all Bill Bennett could do to keep a straight face.

I just cannot let that go unanswered by a few questions of my own. So excuse me, but didn't UBL declare a fatwa on us during Klinton's administration??

Was it not on Klintons watch that the UN Oil for Food scandal was unfolding??

Was it not on Klintons watch that an overzealous, incompetent, rogue attorney general slaughtered American citizens, why was Janet Reno NEVER FIRED, and prosecuted for gross malfeasance??

Wasn't it on Klintons watch that Saddam Hussein continuously flaunted his [Klinton's] beloved UN, reagrding weapons inspectors??

Didn't Klinton sit by idly while USAF, USN, and the USMC pilots were fired on routinely in the no-fly zones in northern and southern Iraq for years on end??

Didn't the Global Crossing, WorldComMCI, and Enron scnadals occur on his watch?? They were caught and prosecuted by Bushes AG John Ashcroft, yet liberals blame Bush for these scandals.

Wasn't it Klinton who insisted on dragging us into Kosovo, but was unwilling to commit ground troops ??

Could Klinton not have demonstrated his leadership by making an example out the terrorist jerks who tried to sink the USS Cole??

What was Mogadishu if not an opportunity to showcase his fine leadership??