23 November 2004

W's Insurgency

Excellent piece in the WSJ by Fred "da-Man" Barnes . It is along the same lines as an earlier post at this bspolitix.blog regarding the mounting and long overdue, in this authors opinion, showdown in DC with the permanent bureaucracy. Some excerpts follow, go read the whole thing; Barnes is, as usual, brilliant in his analysis. -SpinDaddy

" . . . Mr. Bush did make one bow to the establishment last week. He showed up in a tuxedo at the British embassy for a party honoring Ms. Rice. "One tux a term," a White House official said. "That's our idea of outreach to the Washington community . . . Mr. Bush prefers to infuriate the establishment. . . Mr. Bush's agenda is post-Reagan in its conservatism, which means it's more far-reaching and thus more threatening to the establishment. Mr. Bush would not only reform Social Security and allow individuals to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in financial markets, he would also revamp the entire federal tax code and fill the Supreme Court with judicial conservatives. And those are only his domestic plans. In foreign affairs, Mr. Bush would make aggressive efforts to spread democracy around the world the centerpiece. The foreign policy élite is aghast . . ."