18 January 2005

Marxisms Next Victim

Excellent observations in Foreign Policy, regarding Marxisms next disguise, healthcare.

I would also argue that the whole "save-the-environment-from-greedy-evil-corporations" might also be a front for imposing Marxism/Socialism through the back door; but hey what do I know? -SpinDaddy

" . . . When the price of medical care takes up just a small percentage of national income, it is hard to argue with the notion that everyone should enjoy similar [define "similar", similar compared to what?] medical treatment. Sure, critics may gripe that the higher taxes needed to pay for universal health coverage may cut into economic growth a bit, but so what? A little redistribution[LOL isn't that like being a little bit pregnant?] won’t suddenly transform the United States into a failed, Soviet-style “workers’ paradise.” But as health costs creep up to, say, 25 percent of national income, things get more complicated. Americans would see their tax bills more than double, while total taxes could reach 75 percent of many Europeans’ income. With oppressive tax burdens and heavy state intervention in health—already the largest sector of the economy—socialism would have crept in through the back door. . ."