25 February 2005

DON'T Fire Ward Churchill

An excellent rundown of the Chomskyite apologist Ward Churchill can be found here at the blog Stygius. Very thorough and very damning evidence. Also be sure to check out the following links as it looks increasingly as though Churchill, former "Ethnic-Studies" at Colorado University is not only NOT an indian (native-American whatever) as he had claimed, but it also looks like he is an academic fraud as well.

CU should not fire him for what he said, they should not fire him because he is an academic fraud. Although they would certainly be within their rights to do so. In fact, they should not fire him at all. They should leave him right where he is, perhaps they should make him president of their unversity. They should also give him a loud microphone. He is far too valuable in the cause of expanding the influence of "Red State America". CU might look at who vetted him and reviewed his qualifications for tenure and fire them, but please please leave him right where he is.

I have heard his type of nonsense from other Chomskyite socialist-wannabes before. They honestly believe that the people who showed up for work at the WTC 11SEP01 had it coming to them. Some try to be clever and say that only the Pentagon deserved to be attacked. Regardless of their parsing, the sad and troubling point is that these people loathe their own nation and secretly take delight in seeing her come to harm. In fact they hope for her failure. Look at their conduct during the ensuing war on terror. They have constantly snipped and sniped at President Bush and our military's conduct of the war. This despite success after success after success.

Just to refresh your memory, during the runup to the liberation of Afghanistan we were told constantly that our effort was doomed to failure, just like the Russians. It was going to be a bloodbath etc. etc. Wrong. We dispatched the Taliban, such as it was, in a matter of weeks. Rewind to the runup to the liberation of Iraq. we were told the same thing again. Wrong again. We were rolling into downtown Baghdad in a matter of days.

Prior to 30JAN05 we were told to expect blood to run in the streets during the Iraqi elections. We were subjected to the constant harangues of so-called middle east experts, who were actully just leftists with an axe to grind, that we should postpone the election. Wrong. Again!

Instead; 8 million Iraqis voted in defiance of credible death threats, and it is looking as though a virulent strain of democracy fever has taken hold in Lebanon, the Palestinian areas and is spreading throughout the region. Imagine if Kerry, Dean, or Kucinich had managed to be elected, and had bowed to such foolishness. Red-meat-eating-Red-State-America is right and America-loathers like Dean, Churchill, Moore, Chomsky and their sychophants in the MSM are wrong. Way wrong.

Syria and Iran would be well advised not to give much credence to analysis from the left and the MSM in this country and in Europe. Especially as it regards our ability and willingness to deal with them should their intransigence continue.

So keep it up Churchill, you and Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore and those other misguided souls who think like you do, provide a useful service in spite of your intent. Keep it up. -SpinDaddy