03 February 2005

Eason Jordans Hornets Nest

CNN's Eason Jordan appears to have stepped in it, by slanderously accusing the US military of targeting journalistas in battle Iraq. Even worse than stepping in it; he has kicked the hornets nest known as the blogosphere. Jordan looks for all the world like the Ward Churchill of the MSM, free to shoot his mouth off about anything he likes, and utterly unaccountable. How dare the MSM types get their feathers up about BLOGs?!

Hugh Hewitt is all over it with several good posts and a long list of bloggers covering the subject. Captain Ed
is pounding the story also.

New Sisyphus reports that Jordan has had this kind of problem before in April of 2003.
It seems he really has a soft spot in his heart for Saddam Hussein.

These MSM types still haven't learned that there is a new sheriff in town; and the sloppiness if not outright malfeasance, that has been the norm for the last twenty years or so will not cut the mustard anymore. The utter lack of accountability, or even old-fashioned shame in the MSM is truly amazing.
Maybe Jordan and CNN suffering the stinging welps inflicted by the blogosphere will serve as an example to others in the so-called "real media". Probably not.

If you want to get in on the fun here is CNN's feedback forum page.

Tip of the hat to Hugh Hewitt. -SpinDaddy