07 February 2005

bspolitix Milestone

At the risk of tooting our own horn. BumperStickerPolitix is pleased to announce our first (to our knowledge anyway) unsolicited blogroll listing. Matt Rosenberg, one of the principal contributors at Soundpolitics, sent me a nice note in email.

". . . Hey, SpinDaddy you commented on a few posts of mine at Soundpolitics a while back, and so I checked out your blog. I like it, and am gonna' add it to my own blogroll at Rosenblog
. . . keep up the fine work,

Matt Rosenberg
Freelance Writer/Journalist, Seattle+Editor/Chief Writer, Rosenblog
Co-founding Contributor, Sound Politics
Contributing Editor, Red State. . ."

Such recognition from someone with Matts background and experience is humbling. Matt is a very accomplished journalist with a great deal of experience. He has contributed as an editorial writer to the Seattle Times, and Seattle Weekly as well as National Review Online and the Jewish World Review. Matts own blog is also very good and he had a fantastic piece recently on business and corporate blogs that is well worth a read.

Matt, we thank you and of course, have reciprocated by including a Rosenblog link right below Soundpolitics in the links to the right. When you go to Matts blog you can find us in the "Unsung Heroes" section. Matt, thank you again. -SpinDaddy & Voice