09 March 2005

CYA from the Left

With democracy fever breaking out all over the terrorist belt known as the mideast, the Washington Times has yet another of many, many examples of how the left is beginning to grudgingly admit that Bush foreign policy is sound and correct. Another example here in the UK Independent. Hat tip to Rosenblog.

Of course what many of the MSM vehicles omit is the obvious fact that the lefts caterwalling and handwringing was and is wrong. It is a matter of simple logic that if Bush foreign policy is right, then we can draw the obvious conclusion that those on the left who adamantly opposed Bush were WRONG.

I'm very happy to welcome Voice back. A little west coast perspective is always a good thing. He had a technical glitch which has been resolved, and the quality of writing at this blog is sure to improve with his contributions. -SpinDaddy