07 March 2005

Regulate the Blogosphere?

Probably not, but here is an interesting read here at the Moonbat Central Blog. It seems the Moonbats over at FEC are contemplating a crackdown on Blogging, hehheh. Should be entertaining to watch anyway. At a minimum, regulation of the blogosphere would be very difficult, due to its size. Furthermore, it is constantly changing, making consistent "enforcement" tricky.

As the CNET article also points out such an endeavor would be tricky and "...a really complex issue that would strike deep into the heart of the Internet and the bloggers who are writing out there today. (Editor's note: federal law limits the press exemption to a "broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication." )..." This seems to be an unwarranted "bright line" distinction.

Meanwhile, in this piece the NYT makes a compelling argument that bloggers are making more and more inroads into what were once regarded as the enclaves of "real journalists". Hat tip to the Blogfather. It seems many in the Washington political press corps feel the same way, in spite of hypercritical assessments of their job performance by the bloggers. That would include yours truly. -SpinDaddy