02 March 2005

Just Plain Silly

This is getting just plain silly. Supreme court rules...


Strike that... Imposed their latest version of judicial tyranny from the bench. By a 5-4 "decision" Supreme Court stuck death penalty for those convicted of crimes they commited when they were under 18. The majority opinion claims the 8th amendment provisions against cruel and unusual punishment. Seems like the same kind of stretch that brought us abortion from some sort ethereal penumbra of the shadow of the founders original intent nonsense that has wrought infanticide on a mass scale probably incomprehensible to the founding fathers, and the authors of the Constitution.

This is just getting plain silly.

So now the maniac Lee Malvo is to be spared possible conviction in say VA to face the possibility of a death sentence? Up to 70 other cop killers, and other sociopaths will someday be eligible for parole?

Apparently we have only four voices of reason on the court as Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were dissenters. And in my opinion one of those is kind of shaky anyway.

Whatever it takes, Constitutional option, Nuclear option, Congressional intervention, this must cease. Immediately. It is within congress' authority to set jurisdictional limits on the court, determine its structure, funding etc. and it may well be time to impose just such controls on this out of control body.

Mark Levin of the Landmark Legal Foundation has just released a book on this very subject, called Men In Black, one which I have not made the time to get and read yet but will soon. Standby for the review.

That we continue to tolerate these fools endangering our public safety and the other nosensical judicial fiat emanating from the bench generally is just plain silly. -SpinDaddy

Update 09MAR05 : The blog Error Theory has an excellent writeup on this. -Spin