04 April 2005

Riff Monday

Still more pressing matters of late. There may be a few more (hopefully brief) lapses in the coming months as a move is imminent for SpinDaddy and family. Hopefully, this will be all wrapped up by June-ish, will keep advised.

This is a really good op-ed piece at the TeamGOP written by John T. Plecnik, regarding the creeping tyrannical desires of the judiciary. The author makes a very good point here that "... state Supreme Courts have taken to the spotlight. The unforgettable decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court to force their state Legislature to rewrite the law and legalize gay marriage is exhibit number one...Judges ordering legislators to pass laws is as blatantly unconstitutional as congress writing court opinions..." Plecnik has a good point there; of course, it is telling that the Massachusetts state legislature failed to show even the slightest hint of concern that another branch of the commonwealth government was blatantly usurping their authority with such an absurd suggestion. Read the whole piece.

A further example of such an abuse of seperation of powers would be if the president were to cross lines, and issue decrees in the name of a court, or attempted to issue legislation without the consent of the governed. I'm not talking about executive orders which do fall under his authority. Plecniks op-ed calls for congress (for that matter, state legislatures should be acting as well); to act to reign in the judiciary, something entirely within their aurthority, this echoes a couple of earlier posts here at BumperStickerPolitix. -SpinDaddy