29 March 2005

A Clinton Driveby ? ?

Back to Work

I do apologize for the lapse in posting, I have had some rather pressing matters with the day job, and family the last few days. Nothing bad mind you, just terribly time consuming.

Michael Barone has a very good op-ed piece at RealClearPolitics, echoing some of the same ideas I expressed in my earlier post Schiavo-Crouch-and-Monk, only far more eloquently. Barone dismisses the cynical criticism of the left in the Schiavo tragedy.

A Clinton Driveby ? ?

Also of note, perhaps a BumperStickerPolitix milestone has been reached. I was perusing my sitemeter stats one day (click here it is currently number71 on this list) looking at who had stopped by for a visit and I was very surprised to see the referring URL of what appears to be Bill Clintons Blog. I wasn't aware he was doing a blog. It may be somebody on his staff that writes it for him but that's still kind of funny.

Of course if it actually was the former President who stopped by, I hope he would read this old post from my archives . Perhaps he could get back to us on some of the questions I pose there. -SpinDaddy