13 September 2005

Boldness Rather Than Timidity

AP reporting a few minutes ago that Bush accepts responsibility for whatever shortcomings in the governments response to the devastation of hurricane Katrina.

Smart move politically. It offers the opportunity to squelch future disparaging commentary. Janet Reno did the same thing with the tragedy at Waco, after she said the buck stops with her the issue was pretty much over politically after that.

Still, I have to admit, I am somewhat disappointed with President Bushes leadership in the second term. For what these polls are worth; depending on what poll you look at, the Presidents approval numbers are hovering around the lower 40th percentile . If that is the case, I submit it is not because the middle is walking away from the President, but rather his conservative base of support is slipping.

One year ago, the Presidents supporters like me were fighting a pitched political battle to ensure his reelection because we expected an emboldened, and conservative second term. What do we have to show for our efforts? After all, we won. Didn't we?

Have the borders been secured?

Is significant Social Security reform passed into law?

Have we gotten really tough in Iraq and other theatres of the war on terror?

Where are the Supreme Court nominees in the mold of Scalia, and Thomas?

No offense to Judge Roberts, but if he were in that mold we on the right wouldn't be holding our breath and hoping we don't wind up with another Souter. Why not Janice Rogers Brown to fill the still vacant O' Connor seat? Let Biden, Kennedy and Leahy run her down on television for the nation to see. Let them do it. If anything this would be a net plus for the Republicans.

I know we got tough in Fallujah right after the election, and that was a great success, but what about the 14 Marines that were massacred recently in Haditha? Where is the payback? Why is Haditha still on the map? I am encouraged by what we are doing in western regions of Iraq in Tal Afar near Syria but, we are still not making the point as vigorously as we could, or should.

We must send Syria the message through back channels that their continued involvement in staging and other assistance to terrorists infiltrating Iraq cease immediately. If not, they will be held directly responsible, we should call up the B-52's from Diego Garcia, and begin systematically leveling towns along Syrias eastern border with Iraq, until the Syrian govt. has a change of heart with respect to the war on terror and their responsibilities in it.

It is time for the President to get his conservative political game on and get back to work.

Between his and VP Cheneys experience around the oil industry they know all too well how important refinery capacity is and developing less volatile sources for petroleum.

Why have they not achieved this yet?

The energy bill is a small step in the right direction. Boldness is needed here, and we are not getting it. It is time to get about the business of moving this country in an open and transparent way toward a more conservative America. Take it to the bully pulpit, and take it to the left. We are winning, let's start acting like it. Drill ANWAR now. Expand Gulf of Mexico drilling, particularly in Florida, now. Provide all possible incentives to oil companies to encourage them to build new refineries now.

Keep pounding the need for significant Social Security reform home to the congress, and the American people. Don't let the ownership society die on the vine before it even gets a chance to bloom.

While we are rebuilding New Orleans rebuild it in the conservative mold, no excuses, no apologies.

Finally the President must recognize that despite his affection for Mexico and the Mexican people, Canada and the Canadian people which I share, we must secure our borders for reasons of national security. Do not fall for the lefts inevitable arguments that such action constitutes racism. It does not.

If the president continues to fail to meet the expectations of his base on these issues the entire Republican apparatus will pay the price, and the whole country will suffer for it.

What is sorely needed at this point from the President is yet more political will, not less. Now is not the time to coast Mr. President. Boldness Rather Than Timidity -SpinDaddy