10 September 2005

Tragedy Pimps Pimping out KATRINA

The usual suspects: James Glassman riffing on the same meme SpinDaddy did earlier.

Will Collier over at Vodkapundit, debunking already cemented urban mythology. To watch the lefts vitriolic politicization of this tragedy is breathtaking. Easily comparable in scope and significance to the damage and misery wrought by the storm itself. Of course the damage visited upon the American body politic is far more caustic. Easily comparable to the damage left behind by the toxic sludge greater New Orleans marinates in as this is written.

Perhaps the only thing more disturbing to watch is the timidity and obtuseness of W's response. At this point, we are almost six years into his presidency, and he (or his handlers) still seem(s) not to have grasped the notion that every adverse circumstance that will befall the republic during his tenure, will be accompanied by the shrill, cynical and bitter political opportunism of the left. Regardless of the origin of the calamity whether from without, or within, from nature or terrorist; the left stands ready to use each situation that requires presidential action, to denigrate and undermine him politically. In other words, each and every tragedy not only needs to be confronted per se, but one must also expect the left wing to pile on kicking, screaming, biting and clawing.

This phenomenon started before he was even sworn into office with the Gore-Loser debacle, and litigation silliness that followed the 2000 election and has been SOP for the left ever since.

Wile E. Coyote ALWAYS tries to eat the RoadRunner. Lucy ALWAYS snatches the football away from the tee before Charley Brown kicks it. The left in this country ALWAYS snipes, kicks and runs down the president every time they have the opportunity.

What is so alarming here is that the president and his advisers still appear to foolishly assume that the left may at some point be willing to get on board; for once, and side with the American people and do what is good for the country over their own cynical self interest.


The left thrives politically on our discontent, and misfortune. They are like a flesh eating bacteria on the body politic of this republic, consuming the host organism with no regard to their source of sustenance. This is the only model for the acquisition of power that they know (although they are well along in developing the Gore-Loser model), and they desperately covet power, as this is the only means by which they might impose their warped vision of the soft tyranny of socialism on this great land.

This notion of thriving and advancing politically during times of national distress is thoroughly ingrained in the left, because it is in this regime where they have had their greatest success. Look back at the astounding pace and volume of socialist foolishness foisted onto this country during one of its darkest times, the great depression.

That Rove et al have not yet learned to anticipate this play and execute flanking political moves is discomfiting to say the least. Fly over the scene in a B-747 as a brief detour on the way back to Washington?!! Why not land the 747 at say; Shreveport, and take Marine One over the scene? Perception Mr. Rove. Communication is perception driven. Did you sleep through the entire eight l o n g tedious years of the Clinton administration? Sir?

Why play semantic games with LA governor Blanco about the finer points of federal v state powers? Federalize it, and take her out of the loop. Doing so serves not only your political interests; Mr. President, but also the good people of LA as well. Boldness rather than timidity. Leadership rather than diplomacy.

Don't even get me started on the director of FEMA, the real failing here is that this man and his resume clearly were not vetted, and now is exposing the administration to well founded criticism over his appointment, (not to mention his approval by the Senate) and his apparently pencil whipped resume. If indeed it is found that he misrepresented his experience; I for one, expect nothing less of this administration than his firing and prosecution for malfeasance. Chertoff as well, for not knowing his subordinates competency level. Also administration staff responsible for vetting him as a candidate for the position should be terminated with all due haste.

Boldness rather than timidity. Leadership rather than diplomacy.