28 May 2005

Tennessee Waltz Stings John Ford

TN Senator John Ford arrested Thursday. Caught up a sting operation by the FBI and TBI. Walking human-hand-grenade-John Ford along with 3 other legislators and 1 former TN Senator arrested, along with two other alleged conspirators. For the 31 year Senate veteran Ford, constantly mired in scandal and controversy, the only surprise is that it took this long.

Ford has tendered his resignation, in light of this and other ethics matters that were about to reach critical mass.

Perhaps most damning in Fords case is tape evidence that on several occasions he threatened to shoot undercover agents. Those familiar with Ford's antics don't find this surprising. In 1991 he was tried and acquitted for allegedly firing a pistol at a truck driver while traveling to Nashville and in 1997 he was charged with aggravated battery for brandishing a shotgun and threatening a utility work crew who were working near his home. It will also be interesting to see how this affects nephew Harold Ford Jrs run for the US Senate, as the trial unfolds.

Also of interest is the arrest of RINO (Republican In Name Only) Rep Chris Newton of Cleveland. Newton had been considered to be a very savvy politician for cozying up to house speaker Jimmy Naifeh a very, very nasty partisan democrat, who has recently been occupying himself with killing any serious effort at significant ethical reform legislation. Newton doesn't look so savvy now. Let Newton go to the speaker now, and see what kind of help he gets.

I have been waayy, way busy with getting our house ready to finish moving into, re-doing hardwood floors, paint, carpet etc, and training for my new job etc, so I am not set up to blog in a big way at this time. I am just hammered for time right now but hopefully will be back blogging regularly soon. In fact, this post is being written at the in-laws.

Fellow Memphis bloggers AlphaPatriot, Joefish's Freshwater Blog, Half-Bakered,all have great coverage, and links. AlphaPat is right, Mike at Half-Bakered has very comprehensive coverage including a link to the indictments which are now posted at this link, and don't forget the Memphis RedBlog. Also, check out Nashville blogger BillHobbs, and Knoxville state Rep Stacey Campfields blog.

What is really disturbing in the aftermath is the pathetic ramblings of TN Lt Governor John Wilder.

"... It's rough. We're family. Three members of our family are in hell. Why? Because they're legislators..."

Wilder even goes so far as blaming FBI and TBI investigators for tempting them with money. Wilder is portraying them as victims who are only in this position because they are legislators.


Poor legislators, they are being picked on. They are just like any other group of oppressed victims. Please.

Also appalling is the lack of any semblance of outrage at the disgrace the actions of those involved has brought upon the TN General Assembly on the part of TN governor Phil Bredesen. Bredesen is practically defending them. Those indicted are all democrats with the exception of Newton who might as well be a democrat. Bredesen is the titular head of the democratic party in the state of TN, and as such has an obligation to publicly and forcefully denounce such foolishness, especially the comments of Lt Governor Wilder. After all, Lt Governor Wilder has questioned the judgement, if not the integrity of TBI agents (as well as FBI agents) and Bredesen is the chief law enforcement officer in the state. For Bredesen to allow Wilders comments to go unchallenged is a slap in the face to all law enforcement personnel in the state.

TN general assembly speaker Jimmy Naifeh is virtually mum on the subject.


Could it be that in their heart of hearts they don't find unethical behavior, bribery, and corruption in the TN general assembly all that unusual?

Equally disturbing is US Magistrate Diane Vescovos decision to allow Ford to be released from Federal custody with only a $20,000.00 bond. While she has imposed a strict house arrest regime, given Fords past conduct, this hardly seems prudent.

Will keep following this and trying to get the home remodeling stuff and work training wrapped up as soon as possible so I can get back at it. -SpinDaddy

20 May 2005

Check In

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors sucks. Quick check in, back in MEM, mired in unexpected home improvement projects.

New job and all else going well. Watching the doings in the Senate with great interest, would like to sound off about it some but just don't have the time right now. I will say this, the more I read about Justice Brown, the more I like her.

More later. -SpinDaddy

09 May 2005

Another U-Haul, Another...Gas $1.99 Where?!!

Yeah, you read that right; I-40 Exit 286 Cookeville, TN. I just bought a tankful of it, I didn't take any pictures of it. Among the other exciting highlights of my trip this weekend. Really, $1.99 for a gallon of gasoline shouldn't be considered all that special; but these are strange times.

Long grueling 1300 miles this weekend. I have one more week of being a high country blogger then it will be a bit of bumpy start back to a healthy level of blogging here for SpinDaddy anyway. I believe the two earlier posts here to be attempted communiques from our European correspondent Voice who is no doubt terrorizing himself and other autobahn travelers as he takes European delivery of his new BMW E90. Sounds like scary fun. Speaking of scary fun, I think ko is missing in action, he was last seen buying another home renovation project house in cracktown...I may have to clean my Glock, get some fresh ammunition, go to CHAA myself and start a posse to look for him. LOL.

I will be down again Wednesday, and then sporadic blogging for me until some unexpected, last minute home improvement projects get knocked out, our plan is to move into a rental property we own in MEM. Of course the last tenants trashed the place, so we have a few things that will need to be done before we can complete the move. Then we can begin properly moving in and unpacking, setting up computer etc.

We will be crashing with the inlaws until we can expedite the projects and the move. Sporadic blogging from there. I posted from there once last week, just to make sure I could and that is a go.

Here is a little more photo blogging from the trip. Enjoy.

I love roadtrips, obviously some are more fun than others, Voices roadtrip in Germany and Austria would be a good example of that. But one of my favorite things about roadtrips are the photo ops. Here is another one I found amusing. Beer cheaper than WalMart!
Is this a great country or what?

And last but certainly not least, last night when my son and I stopped for dinner in Elizabethton, TN imagine our delight when Mike Taylor rolled up on this beautifully restored Indian Chief. I am a diehard Indian motorcycle fan, I have a basket case example that was my fathers and will get around to restoring it someday. I got lots of great pics of course, but I like this one best.


07 May 2005

European Delivery - May

This is the new BMW E90(3 series). Photo taken in Bavaria, note castle on the hill in the background.

Love the new design work, details such as this really establish the new design direction for BMW.

When taking delivery of your new BMW at the ED (Euro Delivery) center you are given a very thorough briefing prior to leaving.

Our brand spanking factory new E90s at local bierhaus. -Voice

06 May 2005

Another U-Haul, Another Road Trip

Ugggh, I will be down again for a few days.

This is interesting, in the WashTimes Patrice Hill has a piece noting Ford and GM recent downgrade in their credit rating to junk status. Oh I wish I had time to rant about this one. Beancounters are driving a stake through the heart of these great American companies.

I have another blog in the works dealing just with automotive topics, and I wish I had time right now to make some critical remarks but I don't. This quote from the piece tells it all. RTWT (Read The Whole Thing).

". . .they depend on sales of large sport utility vehicles for profitability at a time when high gasoline prices have brought back into favor smaller models made by Japanese and Korean competitors . . . recently, though, sales of its mid-size and large SUVs have plummeted . . . partly because of high gas prices. Also, competition has intensified due to a proliferation of new SUVs. . . the automakers' aggressive efforts to retain market share through discount programs, including deep rebates and no-interest loans, have not succeeded. . ."

Instead of subsidizing mediocre product with deep discounts, rebates, low interest, etc. etc. why not try building exceptionally good cars that are above reproach?

Seems to be working for Honda and Toyota. When was the last time you saw rebates on a Honda?? Hmmmm?? Discounts, rebates, zero-interest, all that stuff is sizzle, at some point you have to deliver the steak .

I wish I had more time to go into this because I follow it closely; GM for example, deserves this rating if only for the amazingly stupid FIAT deal it just squirmed out of, but I gotta' run. -SpinDaddy

05 May 2005

Packing and Loading

More packing, more loading, another trip this weekend....bear with me here. My wife and I have made several significant efforts to "de-stuff" ,yet here we are.

Also, Bueno Cinco de Mayo

And saving the best for last good news from Pakistan, and a must read post at VariFrank this topic.

04 May 2005

The Nuclear Future

It has been a long tiring trip. Back in NC to finish up the last couple of weeks here. Got lots accomplished over the last few days.

In doing some catch up reading I find these two pieces interesting. They are both from Real Clear Politics, first from Pat Buchannan, the second from Frad Kaplan in Slate regarding the increasingly ineffective apparatus of the Nuclear-Non Proliferation treaty. -SpinDaddy

03 May 2005

Moving Still

Quick post from the in-laws house. Bulk of move completed but not quite through yet.

Big suprise, the rental property we own, and are moving into for a year or so was trashed when we took possession. The joys of ownership.

Flying back to NC tonight, still have a couple of weeks left at current job assignment, then I'm a MEM blogger. -SpinDaddy