27 January 2010

GOP Response

I like the venue, delivering the GOP response in the VA state house. Much, much better setting than last years awkwardly staged response from LA gvrnr Bobby Jindal.

It is also very telling symbolism that the GOP response is being delivered by just one of the many REPUBLICAN recipients of chairman maobamas campaign efforts.

Quoting Thomas Jefferson in the VA state house. Excellent.

Important contrast of different parties approach to security by pointing out the maobama administrations handling of the Christmas day bomber vs the way enemy combatants were handled by the Bush administration.





A Pickup Truck Load of Snotty Sarcasm

To read this opinion piece at the NYT; one might conclude that the ever bitter Maureen Dowd has a crush on MA Sen Elect Scott Brown. See, I can be too sarcastic by half also. All while driving at the truth obliquely. Just watch this.

Here, hold my beer.

Mo-Dowdy serves up a pickup truck full of sarcasm, demonstrating once again that she is probably wayyy too nasty, and cynical to be able to actually keep a man around for very long. The giveaway is that she mentions Scott Browns pickup truck in the piece. This is a dead giveaway of her elitist contempt. Most elitists cannot resist a pickup truck. They are drawn to them like a cat to catnip. Like a bureaucrat to a nap. Like a welfare cheat to guvmnt cheese.

An elitist sees a pickup truck and begins doing a Pavlovian Spit Dance in their mind (resembles the pee-pee dance, only it is of the mind) and usually find themselves unable resist the opportunity to show off their self-imagined superiority to anyone within earshot. They think to themselves.

"Why, look at that rube"


"Where did you leave your hooded sheet?"

Really though; I think she has a crush on MA Sen. Elec Brown (say, that has a nice ring to it, don't it lefty?). She's too glib to admit that; so she pulls hair, just like she did when she was in the third grade.

By the way Mo-Dowdy, if you really want to get all worked up, you should see SpinDaddys truck sometime.

I know. I know. Try to remain calm. Too funny.


25 January 2010

James Carville Fool for Hire

James Carville demonstrating once again the utter lack of any new political ideas on the left in this piece at the Financial Times. Carville suggests with a straight face that maobama needs to blame Bush more.

No really.

Ok, as soon as you have picked yourself up off the floor you should read the whole thing. Two points in particular are stunning in their audacity, and of course lack of context.

"...It was under Mr Bush that the deficit spiralled out of control as we fought an unnecessary and endless $3,000bn war in Iraq and enacted the largest unfunded entitlement programme in history with the Medicare prescription drug benefit..."

Really? Has cahirman maobama ended this war as he promised on the campaign trail?

The unfunded mandate that is the prescription drug care benefit?!!

Are you serious?

Has Carville been hiding in a cave with Osama Bin Laden? While I was and still am opposed to the prescription health care benefit, Carville expects to be taken seriously while citing this as an example of government foolishness? Has he missed out on the entire maobamacare debacle? Maobamacare makes the prescription drug care benefit look like chump change in comparison.

Let's hope that the White House takes Carvilles advice, and maybe for a bonus they could send him out to campaign for all the open Democrat seats this fall. That seems to be working about as well as blaming Bush for everything that is going wrong today, one year into chairman maobamas reign.


GOP are you listening?

Carol Platt Liebau over at Town Hall has some excellent thoughts that the GOP would do well to heed regarding what lessons to take from the astounding Brown victory of last week.


23 January 2010

Barry Maobama In His Own Words

SpinDaddy is getting a major kick out of the Fox News special on now that features chairman maobama when he was candidate maobama, and contrasting that with his actual record one year later.


It seems that one year ago chairman maobama was blaming President Bush for everything, much like chairman maobama was doing earlier this week to explain why voters elected a REPUBLICAN to the "Kennedy-Seat" in MA earlier this week.... Oh wait a minute, now I understand, President Bush was often seen at his ranch in TX driving a TRUCK!


22 January 2010

Political Aftershocks From MA Continue

Scott Brown

Well the good news just keeps pouring in. NoClue Nancy admits she doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate version of Healthcare.


She very likely could not get the House version passed again in the wake of Tuesdays massive political earthquake, she barely managed to wrangle 218 last time. The Senate version is a non-starter. Maobama-care as we have known it to this point is done. This is because Democrats in both houses have likely seen their own internal polling and know that their will be more aftershocks come November.

That's right leftist, we are just getting started.

And, as Peggy Noonan rightly points out in the WSJ, now we will see if Sen Brown can govern. Even liberals are piling on as Mort Zuckerman in US News and World Report cites maobamas ubiquity in the media leading to a case of severe maobama fatigue. "... He—and his advisers—have failed to appreciate that national TV speeches are best reserved for those moments when the country faces a major crisis or a war. Now he faces the iron law of diminishing novelty...". Well that and a heaping helping of hubris and narcissism.

Free Speech

Meanwhile the SCOTUS gave another gut punch to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Barney Franks, John McCain, Henry Waxman and their komrades in opening free speech in election spending in a ruling that guts McCain-Feingold as well as other restrictions on political speech. The NYT is very alarmed. Good.

High time.

Politics needs more speech not less, more speech will make it difficult for incumbents to flail along warming the same seat for decades (Kerry-Byrd-etc) , blissfully ignorant of or (more likely) disdainful and contemptuous of the governed which certainly includes corporations.

This may actually throw a wrench into the special interest cycle of corruption that is pervasive in the nations capital by giving the money somewhere else to flow rather than into re-election coffers of entrenched incumbents. Of course maobama, Schumer, Franks, etc are throwing a hissy fit and promising hearings and strong legislative responses.

Go for it, this will only serve to demonstrate in the clearest fashion imaginable your disdain for those who have foolishly entrusted the republic to you, inviting more backlash along the lines of Tuesdays astounding defeat in MA.


21 January 2010

George Will Nails It Again

Often I observe the perspective of Mr. Will to be a bit too inside-the-beltway pragmatic for my tastes, or a waste of good ink by speculating on baseball. On some occasions though, his observations land like a well honed ax right in the middle of a well seasoned piece of hickory wood being split to use in a fire that will warm for hours.

Happily this piece falls in the latter category. To wit:

"..."We are on the precipice of an achievement that's eluded congresses and presidents for generations."

-- President Barack Obama, Dec. 15, on health care legislation.

Precipice, 1. a headlong fall or descent, esp. to a great depth.
-- Oxford English Dictionary..."


That's just the hook. You really must read the whole thing. Such an image; maobama tangled and hoisted in his on rhetorical petard. Will observes further.

"...By promising to cast the decisive 41st vote against the president's health care legislation, the Republican candidate forced all congressional Democrats to contemplate this: Not even frenzied national mobilization of Democratic manpower and millions of dollars could rescue one of the safest Democratic seats in the national legislature from national dismay about the incontinent government expansion, of which that legislation is symptomatic..."

The congressional Democrats I am watching GET this, which is an amusing contrast to the media Democrats, and the White House hacks who also get it; but DO NOT accept it. Which goes to another point Will makes in this piece.

"...The protracted health care debacle has highlighted this fact: Some liberals consider the legislation's unpopularity a reason to redouble their efforts to inflict it on Americans who, such liberals think, are too benighted to understand that their betters know best. The essence of contemporary liberalism is the illiberal conviction that Americans, in their comprehensive incompetence, need minute supervision by government, which liberals believe exists to spare citizens the torture of thinking and choosing..."

Paging Nancy Pelosi. Hello? Never mind she has already fallen over the aforementioned precipice.

Harry Reid; has anyone let you actually see the polling numbers for your re-election bid this fall? You know that pesky business wherein your superiors -the voters of the great state of Nevada- pass judgement on your conduct in the represenation of their fine state. You should Google Tom Foley+ 1994 sometime; or better yet, George Nethercutt + 1994.

And finally, "...With one piece of legislation, Obama and his congressional allies have done in one year what it took President Lyndon Johnson and his allies two years to do in 1965 and 1966 -- revive conservatism. Today conservatism is rising on the stepping stones of liberal excesses..."



19 January 2010

Stunning Defeat for Democrat-Progressive-Socialist-Wannabes

A brutal, stunning defeat for Democrats in the MA special election to FILL THE US SENATE SEAT VACATED BY
T E D-socialized-healthcare-K E N N E D Y!!
In what could be inarguably be called a proxy vote on nationalized healthcare; an issue that Kennedy warbled and carped about for literally D E C A D E S.

In the very same commonwealth where the shot that was heard round the world was fired, the shot that began the American Revolution to throw off tyranny. Tonight another shot heard round the "progressive" world was fired tonight by the patriots of the good commonwealth of MA. Another American revolution has been started; and this revolution will also be about throwing off tyranny.

Komrade Koakley was just another socialist-wannabe cog in the machine of progressivism, lacking the courage to truly state her true political goals and philososphy. Democrats are setting themselves up for a severe loss in this falls midterm congressional elections. That such a defeat could happen to democrats in the bluest of blue states bodes ill for Democrats writ large this fall.

This cannot be overstated.

If this can happen to Democrats in MA it can happen anywhere. It will be interesting to see if there are any grown-ups left in the Democratic party apparatus to reign these fools in. Thus far, I have seen no evidence of this.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great take on this in National Review Online wherein he ties Obama's messiah complex to Elmer Gantry "...Devotees turn on false prophets with a special vengeance. Obama is beginning to grate. His flip-the-switch-on, evangelical cadences at rallies sound more like a Harvard nerd doing blues imitations than Martin Luther King Jr..."


Further, Hanson points out that "... Purple-state presidents don’t appoint Van Joneses and Anita Dunns, or turn the NEA into a quid pro quo Ministry of Approved Culture. A healer doesn’t start in on the “rich,” “Wall Street,” the “big” oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies, or “fat-cat bankers” — especially when he has done his best to shake them all down for campaign money, hire as many of them as he can in his own administration, and arrange cut-rate loans, insider deals, bailouts, and guarantees for all of them..." The Democrats corrupt conduct for the last year is catching up to them.

Early sound bites from Democrats indicate that either they truly don't get it; or (more likely) they are hellbent on ramming the healthcare disaster down our throats. Ok.

Some Democrat talking heads are claiming they think this happened because the Democrats have not passed maobama-care yet.


Yeah that's probably it, and be sure to keep sending chairman maobama into these districts to make personal appearances, that seems to be working out real well for you guys.

Voice shot me a quick communique last night pointing out that all that would have to happen is for 1 or 2 rogue RINO's to cross the aisle and Pelosi-Reid-Maobama can get their win. Voice makes an excellent point. This might serve to motivate the lefts base, we are not out of the woods on this yet.

Although one of my favorite op-ed writers Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard proclaims in rather pat terms that maobama-care is DOA. "...The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection. Brown ran to be the 41st vote for filibuster and now he is just that. Democrats have talked up clever strategies to pass the bill in the Senate despite Brown, but they won’t fly. It’s one thing for ObamaCare to be rejected by the American public in poll after poll. But it becomes a matter of considerably greater political magnitude when ObamaCare causes the loss of a Senate race in the blue state of Massachusetts..." I hope he's right.

The process to get this healthcare debacle as far as it has gotten in both houses, has been tainted and tortured, and what support it did have was tenuous and very fragile, their will surely be significant erosion.

Now we'll have to see just how out of touch Pelosi and Reid are now. Reid is likely facing the same fate as Komrade Koakley, in his home state of Nevada, this is going to be funny to watch.


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13 January 2010


We at Bumper Sticker Politix extend our sincerest prayers and thoughts to those suffering in Haiti this morning. The world is rallying support to help these people who are in desperate need, proof of the basic goodness of mankind.

On a more crass political note; it will be interesting to see Chairman Maobamas response, and to contrast this with the way President Bush was roundly scorned for his response to hurricane Katrina in the US in 2005, and the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004. I clearly remember Bush being villified as a complete moron for sending the USS Abraham Lincoln to help with tsunami relief. Well before Katrina made landfall President Bush was on television urging people to take this seriously and to cooperate with local officials.

President Bush was soundly thrashed by hecklers, spectators, and wannabes on the left as being an idiot for being so stupid as to send a US Navy Aircraft Carrier to lend aid. Right, Bush is an idiot for sending the aircraft carrier.

Hmm, let's see; thousands of gallons of fresh water daily, food supplies medical facilities (that are probably better than what was available before the tsunami), helicopter airlift, communications and some the finest, best trained personnel in the world and can be there on scene and effective within a matter of hours.

Yeah right, Bush the idiot. President Bushes decision inarguably saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.

So it will be interesting to see how long it takes Maobama or his sharpies to figure this one out and it will be interesting to see if anyone on the left is calling him an idiot. Let's hope for the sake the Haitian people he doesn't take as long as he did to figure out what to do in Afghanistan.


Well, I'm still waiting for the left to start calling maobama an idiot as they did Bush....well??

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12 January 2010

Big Trouble For Komrade Koakley in MA

Martha "komrade" Koakley is actually in more trouble than was previously thought. It seems that she has just been given the final blow to her senatorial bid, Chairman Maobama has gotten involved in her campaign. Wasn't that the undoing of democrats in VA and NJ ?? I mean; I'm just saying ;-) Here's hoping he will do some driveby campaigning for her the way he did for Corzine in NJ -SpinDaddy

P.S. Well You can't say I didn't tell you so.

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06 January 2010

Maobama Continues to Lose Grip on Political Reality

In spite of chilly political winds forcing dems to drop out of races .

Yet more evidence that the Obama administration just does not get it; or more likely they get it, but just don't care. Ken Salazar to enact more burcrcy mkng it harder to drill for domestic energy supplies according to ths WSJ article. This can only create a greater reliance on foreign oil, how does this help the average American consumer or businesses?

But then; what has the current administration ever done to help American business? Bailouts only encourage businesses that make poor decisions to continue to do so. Their is no such thing as too big to fail, whether it's a business or a country, or more to the point; the democratic majorities in the house and senate.

They continue to drive this health-care reform debacle into a ditch in spite of poll-after-poll-after-poll showing that only hardcore Moabama sychophants and apologists support it.

The hubris, tone deafness, and foolish over-reaching will cost dems this fall, the only question is how much of a price are the American people are going to demand at the polls this fall. -SpinDaddy